Saturday, 21 March 2009

1982 Renee & Renato: Save Your Love

In which Bob Carolgees' portly brother with a nice line in V neck sweaters (Renato) serenades his belle (Renee) in a faux Italian operatic Italian who honks back in a sharp and shearing English accent that aims for American but ends up falling in the drink somewhere mid Atlantic.

The overall effect is the sound of two underoiled and badly misaligned gears crunching together over a rinky dink Hammond organ beat and an atomically over the top string arrangement that follows the basic melody as faithfully as a guide dog leads its master. Yes it's horrible, and the accompanying video showed the duo playing it worryingly straight with no sense of irony (in a 'just one Cornetto' kind of way) - they were actually taking this seriously and that in itself somehow makes it all the worse.

Or rather it would if the woman in the video actually was Renee. Or Hilary Lester as her mother knows her. Because it's not - the girl in the video is an anonymous model because old Hilary was 'too busy with other projects' to promote this load of nonsense and only climbed on board the bandwagon when it went top twenty. Such a mercenary attitude does not make this any more endearing.

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